Better Brains for Babies

Professional Development for Early Childhood Professionals available in two locations.

BBB trng. Oct 6 – Lyndon

BBB trng. Nov 3 – OttawaBBB trng. Nov 3 – Ottawa

Sponsored by:
ECKAN Head Start & Early Head Start
Frontier Extension District

“Better Brains for Babies:
The mission of the Better Brains for Babies initiative is to improve the potential of young children by promoting the use of early
brain development research in everyday life experiences. Better Brains for Babies is a collaboration of national, state and local,
public and private organizations dedicated to promoting awareness and education about the importance of early brain
development in the healthy growth and development of infants and young children. The initiative began in Georgia, and has
become available to Kansas professionals through a partnership between University of Georgia Extension and K-State Research
and Extension.”

Anderson County will be open the rest of the week on the following schedule:
Tuesday 8-5
Wednesday 8-12 pantry from 8-12
Thursday 8-5 ks food bank distribution 10-4
Friday closed