ECKAN Board of Directors

At ECKAN, we help people and change lives. To do this, we use advocacy, resource coordination, and direct services. Our work as a private, non-profit corporation is overseen by a 12-member, volunteer Governing Board of Directors. The members of the Board represent the communities we serve and are elected in 3 categories: Private Sector, Public Sector, and Low-Income Sector.

Board meetings are held at the ECKAN Central Office, 1320 S. Ash, Ottawa, Kansas, the third Tuesday evening, 6:30pm.

ECKAN is actively seeking 2 volunteer Board Members from our service areas to represent the private sector and 1 low-income representative on our Board of Trustees. ECKAN services the following counties in East Central Kansas: Anderson, Coffey, Douglas, Franklin, Johnson, Lyon, Miami, Morris, and Osage. According to the ECKAN Board of Trustees by-laws this representative could include persons from business, industry, labor, religious groups, welfare, education, and other groups or interests in the community.

Criteria for Selection of prospective Board Members from the private sector include the following points:

1. Must have expressed interest in assisting disadvantaged citizens by taking a leadership role.
2. Must demonstrate a strong interest in community capability around the issues of poverty.
3. Should have a history of accomplishment in community services.
4. Must be reflective of the community, including current or former Head Start parents, and have expertise in education, business administration or community affairs.

Board meetings are held at the ECKAN Central Office, 1320 S. Ash, Ottawa, Kansas, the third Tuesday evening, 6:30pm.

If you or someone you know is interested, please complete the Potential Board Member Questionnaire and return to ECKAN or contact ECKAN at 785-242-7450, ext. 7100 or

Multi-County Board of Trustees

Stephanie Coleman, President

Sarah Hulcy, Vice President

Donna Darner, Treasurer

Len Wright, Secretary

Susie LeGault

Wes Cole

Kristina Crump


 Roy Dunn

Amber Voegeler

Fred Diver

Dave Pracht

Cody Haddock

ECKAN Head Start Policy Council

3 to 5 Center-Based Representatives:

(7 representatives)

Emporia: (2 representatives)

*Carly Siebuhr:

*Nathan Jeffery:


*Cheryl Salazar

*Kiersten Roberts (alternate)


*Amanda McCoy

*Desurae Russell (alternate)


*Susan Stanford (alternate center 2)

*Sarah Knudsen (center 1)


*Mandy Ott

*Susan Garrison (alternate)


Festo Marcial (Pending Approval)

*Cassie Strickland (pending approval)

Kayla Ginyard

3 to 5 Home-Based Representation:

(1 representative)


0 to 3 Childcare Partnership Representative:

(1 representative)


Eugenia Policarpo (Alternate), Lawrence

Liaison from Board to PC

Mary Ann Bacon, Ottawa

Kristina Zilkina-Crump (Attorney Consultant)

Community Representative

Erin Lyon, Osawatomie

0 to 3 Home Based-Representation:

 (2 representatives)

Scott Jones , Ottawa

*Kelsey Sullivan (alternate), Pomona

Sam Evans, Garnett

*Kelcie Bowers (alternate), Waverly

Daniel or Ashley Hendrix, Scranton

Kelsey Sullivan, Pomona

Thomas Oliver, Burlington