ECKAN partners with citizens and other community organizations in each of our counties to address the self-sufficiency needs of low-income families.

Each of ECKAN’s eight county Community Centers is a major partner in the provision of the following services:

  • Case Management, Outreach and Referral – ECKAN staff directly provides family assessment and planning services designed to enhance self-sufficiency.  Families are directed to appropriate ECKAN programs as well as to programs operated by other agency partners such as the Kansas State Department for Children and Families (DCF).
  • Food and Nutrition – Each ECKAN Community Center is a major partner in community food banks that address emergency nutrition needs of low-income families.  ECKAN Community Centers contribute to these food banks by soliciting donations, taking applications and assisting with the collection and distribution of food items.  In partnership with the DCF and local volunteers, ECKAN staff administers the USDA Commodities Program that provides a source of supplemental food for low-income families. Some of the counties participate in Rural Mobile Food Pantry and CSFP (Commodity Supplemental Food Program) programs.
  • Utility and Rent Assistance – ECKAN staff administers the Federal Emergency Management Act (FEMA) in several counties.  This is a program that assists low income families to pay utilities, rent and provides some food assistance.  In addition to FEMA, some ECKAN community centers administer funds provided by local donors and regional grants that provide utility assistance.
  • School Supplies – ECKAN Community Centers administer programs designed to make sure local low-income children have appropriate school supplies as they enroll each fall.  ECKAN agencies are able to provide this service with generous donations of time and money from each community.
  • ECKAN Community Centers refer to, and coordinate applications for the Weatherization and Housing Choice Voucher programs.

Income guidelines used by the Community Centers. Some programs have different income guidelines so contact your own county Community Center for any eligibility information.

These income guidelines are for information purposes only.

Number of Household Members
Annual Income

















Each additional person, add