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“Galen” was evacuated by boat from his flooded home in rural Coffey County. Red Cross helped him get a motel room, but this money soon ran out. Galen used his remaining funds for medications and food. ECKAN assisted him with 7 motel days so he will be able to return to his home and begin clean up. Without ECKAN’s help, Galen would have become homeless.

"Galen"Emergency Assistance

Community Center

Community Center Address
409 Neosho
P.O. Box 264
Burlington, KS 66839

Kraig Kirchner
(620) 364-8223

Fax:  (620) 364-8281

Mon-Fri: 8 AM to 5 PM

Coffey Community Center


We have applications available for:

Housing Choice Vouchers

RC&D Bicycle Program Coordination (Kids under 18)

Rental Housing


Christmas Bureau

Dental Assistance Program

Nutrition Education Classes


God’s Storehouse – (620)364-1459
Resource Council (Karrie)  (620)364-8631
Coffey County Transportation – (620)364-1935
Crosswinds (620)343-2211
Coffey County Extension Office- (620)364-5313
Coffey County Hospital- (620)364-2121

School Supplies

Stepping Stones - Case Management

Is a collaborative process and is client driven. This case management program consists of assessment, planning, goal-setting, care coordination (follow-up/on-going communication), evaluation, and advocacy centered on supporting individuals and/or families as they strive to successfully exit poverty and/or maintain independent living.

Vision Assistance Program

Head Start


Home Based
(620) 364-8223
(620) 203-0778

The Coffey County Home Based program serves 20 children and their families through comprehensive home visits.

Enrolled children and their parent/guardian will meet weekly for 90 minutes in the home. The home visitor will provide educational services to share with the parent/guardian while modeling and interacting with the child. Educational home visits include a focus on nutrition, health, dental, transition, developmental and parent involvement. Socialization events occur two times per month, which include a group activity for all home based children and families to meet in a larger group setting.

ECKAN Head Start promotes health development for all children. In order for the program and the child’s family to be certain a child is healthy, a variety of screenings must be completed.  All children in the Head Start program should receive the screenings and exams on the application checklist.  Parents should review the checklist, before attending doctor’s appointments, to ensure they can advocate for their child, and ensure the appropriate screenings are completed.

Please click here for the application checklist for a list of the necessary screenings and exams.

If you have any questions, contact the Family Service worker at your local Head Start center, or contact the Home Visitor at (620) 364-8223.



Need help with high utility bills? ECKAN may be able to provide at no cost to you housing improvements to lower your bills, make your home warmer and increase safety in income-eligible, single or multi-family dwellings, rental homes, and manufactured homes. Click on the picture to see if you are eligible.