Community Children’s Center


For more information contact:


Carolyn Kelly

Center Director

Community Children’s Center

925 Vermont

Lawrence, KS  66044

(785) 842-2515

Community Children’s Center (CCC) is a delegate program of ECKAN Head Start.


CCC serves 78 children, ages 3-5 in the Lawrence community.


CCC operates four classrooms, half day sessions, on Monday through Thursday.


Extended hours and days may be available for working families.


ECKAN Head Start promotes health development for all children.  In order for the program and the child’s family to be certain a child is healthy, a variety of screenings must be completed.  All children in the Head Start program should receive the screenings and exams on the application checklist.  Parents should review the screenings and exams on the attending doctor’s appointments, to ensure they can advocate for their child, and ensure that the appropriate screenings are completed.


Please click here for the application checklist for a list of the necessary screenings and exams.


If you have any questions, contact the Family Service worker at your local Head Start Center, or contact the Health Coordinator at (785) 242-5481 ext. 305.