Sherri Scott

Executive Secretary
(785) 242-7450 ext. 7100
Sherri has been with ECKAN since April of 1989.  Sherri is presently Executive Secretary of ECKAN working closely with the CEO, Assistant CEO and Program Directors to support their positions with the agency.  The daily interaction with the staff as well as the clients and public; provides the variety in her position that she enjoys.  Always welcoming, she is a helpful person that many times is the first contact with ECKAN. Sherri is a native Kansan and grew up in Garnett, Kansas.  After high school, Sherri majored in Liberal Arts at Pittsburg State University.  After living and working in Texas for 10 years, she moved back to her home town to be near family and friends. She is fortunate in coming from a large family of brothers and sisters, and enjoys spending time with her daughter and family which includes two grandchildren, and many nieces and nephews! Among her favorite pastimes is traveling across Kansas and beyond!  Texas is still a favorite state of hers for the diverse geography and great travel areas, with much of its terrain similar to Kansas where her real heart is!  Sherri’s other favorite pastimes are reading, photography, painting or anything that has to do with the arts, as well as, music events, plays, and dinner theatres. She relishes volunteering and is involved in her community. Sherri is passionate about helping those in need find community resources or information to help them live a more satisfying, successful life.  She is gratified with the work ECKAN is accomplishing every day for the families and children ECKAN serves in our communities.