Good Neighbor Program


The Good Neighbor Program is a partnership program between ECKAN’s Volunteer Center and the City of Ottawa to ensure the safety of elderly and disabled individuals by providing snow and limb removal assistance.

Volunteers will be matched with individuals in the community who are unable to shovel snow and remove limbs due to age or disability. Volunteers are expected to shovel the snow from assigned location(s) when there are two or more inches of snowfall and remove limbs from a yard when the City has designated curb pick up.

Contact Ottawa Volunteer Center for additional questions:

(785) 242-7450 Ext. 7205


Good Neighbor Program Flyer

For those that would like someone to assist them with their needs, please fill out the application for assistance.

GNP Assistance Application

If you would like to volunteer to help someone please fill out the Volunteer Application.

GNP Assistance Application

Good Neighbor Program Handbook

Good Neighbor Handbook