A Family Self Sufficiency program with ECKAN Housing

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Available  ONLY for our Housing Choice Voucher participants

What will the ReStart Program do for you?

Employment Coaching

Partner with a ReStart Coach to:

  • Determine your work or career path
  • Explore job options
  • Find resources to meet challenges – step by step
  • Start your employment journey
  • Start and accomplish your educational goals with ease and support

Financial Coaching

ReStart Coaches will work with you to:

  • Develop a financial fitness plan
  • Assist you in reviewing and understanding your credit report and develop a plan for you to improve your credit score by:
  • Eliminating credit errors
  • Building positive credit
  • Repairing bad credit
  • Provide information on other savings programs that match every $1 you save.

Escrow Account (Funds held by a bank until specified conditions are met)

When receiving rental assistance, as your income goes up your rent goes up.  As a member of the ReStart Program, when your rent is increased due to an earned income increase we will deposit money into an escrow account for you.  Once you have met all of your goals you can receive your escrow check to help make your dreams come true!

Am I eligible?

You may be eligible for ReStart if you:

  • Have an ECKAN Housing Choice Voucher
  • Want to become employed
  • Want to invest in your future

Struggling financially and ready for change, Meredith Harbison enrolled in ECKAN’s ReStart FSS case management program. She graduated, meeting her educational and financial goals and with a substantial Escrow check. “Going back to feeling hopeless and beaten down is not on my list of goals,”  Her full story.

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The ReStart-Family Self-Sufficiency program is voluntary and available to all Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) participants. It is funded through the HCV program.

ReStart is based on the belief that, given adequate support, families can and want to become independent of the “welfare system.”

The head of household must actively seek full-time employment by attending school full-time or attending school part-time, working part time or, receiving job training. The family must remain drug free and must not receive cash assistance during the last year of their contract. In addition all family members of school age must remain in school until they receive a high school diploma, and the family must be making measurable strides toward reaching their self-defined, short-term goals.