Your gift to ECKAN goes directly to community action programs near you that fight poverty and help your neighbors work toward self sufficiency:

  • $10 provides food so a low-income senior can eat at the end of the month
  • $25  buys a gasoline voucher so a breadwinner can get to work or to a job interview
  • $50 provides funding for a medical visit and prescription so a parent can treat their child and avoid missing work
  • $75 helps a parent who lost their job pay rent or utilities and avoid eviction or shutoff until they get another paycheck
  • $100 provides work boots and a physical so an unemployed person can start a new job

Want your gift to be applied to your home county or to a specific program? Tell us in the PayPal memo or email us your wishes HERE.

Thank you for helping!

Mail donations to: ECKAN Finance,1302 S. Ash, Suite 203, PO Box 40, Ottawa, KS 66067-0400

Sign up under our legal name: East Central Kansas Economic Opportunity Corp.

Then 0.5% of your purchases through this site benefits ECKAN.