Weatherization Grant

The Weatherization Assistance Program is the nation’s LARGEST residential energy efficiency program.  Very simply, weatherization improves heating efficiency and fuel savings by ensuring your home holds in heat and air-conditioning, while keeping hot and cold air out.  At NO CHARGE to the client, income eligible families receive a comprehensive home assessment which includes repair or replacement of heating systems, insulation, and air-sealing measures.

The program is paid for with federal Department of Energy (DOE) and Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) funds that are regulated by the Kansas Housing Resources Corporation.

ECKAN Weatherization Program assists a target population consisting of the elderly, handicapped and low-income families in fourteen counties. These counties include Anderson, Butler, Chase, Coffey, Douglas, Franklin, Greenwood, Harvey, Johnson, Lyon, Marion, Miami, Osage and Wyandotte. The Weatherization Program’s service area is more extensive than the overall agency’s service area of nine counties. The Weatherization Program has been recognized and acknowledged as one of the best in the State of Kansas.

2019 Income Guidelines

The Kansas Weatherization Assistance Program provides housing improvements that increase energy efficiency in income-eligible, single or multi-family dwellings, rental homes, and manufactured homes.  Weatherization services may include:

*Cleaning and tuning up of the furnace to assure efficiency and safety or replacement of furnace if necessary.

*Sealing leaks in heating system.

*Repairing broken glass in windows.

*Sealing holes in outside walls and ceiling for insulation installation.

*Insulating attic areas.

*Insulating exterior walls.

Prior to filling out an application please gather all necessary documentation.

Applications are available for printing (click here for application) and must be mailed or returned, with proof of income and proof of home ownership to:

ECKAN Weatherization
P.O. Box 40
Ottawa, KS  66067
(785) 242-6413

Applications may be filled out and electronically signed online. Follow these steps to apply for assistance:
1. Step 1: Fill out this application completely. If you rent you will need to provide all
landlord information.
2. Step 2: Please provide all birth dates and social security numbers for all members of the
3. Step 3: Provide utility provider’s information as well as account numbers.
4. Step 4: Make sure to put your E-Signature in all required fields.
5. Step 5: If you have any questions or concerns call our office first prior to entering any
information to this application.
6. Step 6: Once you have filled out the application completely please submit.


Additional programs available in  Johnson County.